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Elementary Field Day

Who? 1st – 5th grades

When? Thursday, May 24

Where? Pleasant Island

What Time? The bus will be leaving the school at 8:15 and returning around 2:00

Dress code? Students may wear shorts to the middle of the knee and t-shirts. TENNIS SHOES ARE A MUST!

What to bring? A snack, a bag lunch, and extra water (A bag lunch means nothing which would require heating.)

Parents? Parents are more than welcome to join in the fun and lend a helping hand!

We will be starting off the day with a special chapel before we play games. After lunch we will be watching a movie before returning to school.


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Secondary Schedule – Last Week of School

Monday, May 21

8:00-8:05              Homeroom

8:10-10:00           Second Period Exam

10:00-10:40         Fourth Period Review

10:40-11:05         Break

11:10-11:50         Fifth Period Review

11:55-12:35         Sixth period Review

12:35-2:45           Lunch and Spirit Games at the Island

Tuesday, May 22

8:00-8:05              Homeroom

8:10-10:00           Fourth Period Exam

10:00-10:40         Third Period Review

10:40-11:05         Break

11:10-11:50         Seventh Period Review

11:55-12:25         Sixth period Review

12:25-12:50         Lunch

12:55-2:45           Fifth Period Exam

Wednesday, May 23

8:00-8:05              Homeroom

8:10-10:00           Third Period Exam

10:00-10:40         Seventh Period Review

10:40-11:05         Break

11:10-11:50         Sixth Period Review

11:55-12:25         Meet in Auditorium

12:25-12:50         Lunch

12:55-2:45           Seventh Period Exam

Thursday, May 24

8:00-8:05       Homeroom

8:10-10:00     Sixth Period Exam

10:00-10:30    Break

10:30-12:30     Service Project

12:30-1:00     Lunch

1:00-2:45     Activity

Friday, May 25

8:00-8:45     Clean lockers and classrooms

8:34-9:30     Homeroom devotional

9:45-11:00     Awards Assembly in the Auditorium

11:00-12:00     Secondary Party Grill by the gym

12:00     Dismissal for Summer!

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